I need food !!!

God I hate dieting, it’s crap, nearly as bad as stopping smoking, which is exactly what I did 8 months ago, hence the diet. Honestly, I’ve spent the last week with that ciggie sitting smugly on my left shoulder saying “go on Tan just one it’ll speed up your metabolism and then you’ll lose that tummy again.” It’s not easy, no one ever said it would be, I could say the serious swimming twice a week should be helping but ohhhh  no , I’ve now got shoulders that could probably enable me to win the shotputting competition in Rio. I thought that letting off a bit of steam might help get rid of my mate the ciggie, so last Friday evening ,sitting around the firepit with Sam,

MY best Greek lamb and pasta.
Give me a job Morgan please.
Daisy’s wonderful baozas.
Thai beef salad.
Pho anyone ?
Ahhh Pasta dei nata in Lisbon.
Oysters and posh pate, what else.
A little bit of India
Cookie monsters

the son, lending a friendly ear and a bottle of wine, I let go and I mean let go, 20 years of never letting go l not only frightened the neighbours I frightened myself, and the very delicate next day I didn’t think about that ciggie, I was to busy being embarassed about what the neighbours will think.

So, ciggies are on the shelf for now and it’s the diet devil on my shoulder today and I’ve decided to look up my favourite foodie photos and do some drooling instead of eating. You can join me if you want.

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