Les près salés d’Ares

A super afternoon stroll, with  good friends, through the nature reserve between  Ares  and  Claouey. Just  waiting for the sangliers to take an afternoon dip, got hundreds of croaking toads and frogs instead. My lovely walking companions. The path to Oz, or maybe just the Pont Chinois. There’s not a child, brought up in Ares,…

Omelette géant de Pascale à Ares

One of the reasons I  love living in France are the quaint traditions that are upheld every year. Every Easter in Ares, as in most other towns in France, a giant omelette  is cooked in public and then shared between  everyone.  Unfortunately,  this year’s omelette Pascale, on Easter Sunday, was cancelled as the municipal marquee …


The view we had last Sunday evening as we walked the coastal path from the jetty at Ares to the oyster port, beautiful.


Good  morning, I’m  sat in the sun, at the port, after buying the oysters for this evening. It is so beautiful  I took a photo so everyone  can  enjoy. Have a super week-end  wherever you are.   Arcachon across the bay.


Good morning everyone,it couldn’t be better. I opened the shutter and was greeted with beautiful blue skies. I turned on the radio and ‘ make me smile ‘ by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel was  playing and now it’s Barry White your the first, the last, my everything.  Can it get any better ? Yes…

Oysters, oysters and more oysters

  I first met the youngsters a couple of years ago, when they opened cabane no. 30, in the port. I was impressed to see that their dedication, hard work, and passion for oyster growing has made their business a success. There door is always open, and when they’re out on the Bassin tending the…

High tide at Ares oyster port

No matter what the weather I have to see the sea everyday. When the kids were babies and toddlers, I’d load up the double pushchair and lay Josh down in the back, Lucy sat in the front and Sam stood on the backplate and we’d go for miles along the coastal paths or just down…

Necessary or not ?

Morning everyone, it’s another wet and windy one on the Bassin. So I decided to get us equipped, with a new decodeur that’s TNT and HD compatible, which becomes obligatory in April ( the 12th I think ). If you don’t have one then you can’t receive French tele at all. There’s also quite a…

Dune de Pyla

Hi, I just heard that the Guardian has voted the Dune de pyla, the second best beach in the world. We are chuffed to death, as are all the local papers and media in the area, it really is a beautiful place with the most spectacular views over the Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic ocean….

Heading back to port.

Back in port. A bit nippy on the port yesterday, be better tomorrow we hope. 😀Even Kipper looks cold.


Hot picnic in Cap Ferret