Okay this is me!

Hi, my name’s Tanya, I was named after a donkey on Scarborough beach, not bad eh !.  Why did mum and dad have to even tell me that, was it really necessary ?. Possibly because the whole of Yorkshire were told and they didn’t want me finding out from other people, which may have traumatized me at a later stage in life.

I’m British or at least I think I’m still British, after 25 years in France I’ve probably been a bit frenchified by now. Ok I’ll be honest,we have Apero at seven-thirty  and  eat dinner at eight thirty. We also drive on the wrong side of the road when in England, well stopped that now ,we Bill Bryson it on trains instead, fantastic.

I’m Steve’s wife, Sam, Lucy and Joshs mum and Kipper the goldens walking companion.

Home is the Bay of Arcachon ( the Bassin ) in the Gironde department of France.

I’m a nearly retired building project co-ordinater ( finishing stages of 2 appartments, nearly there, nearly there ).

I’m an ex co-restaurant owner, where I was the chef de cuisine. I love cooking, travelling and meeting people.

When I’ve worked out how all this works I’d love to hear from you and am available to help with any questions about living in France, working in France, setting up a business in France, holidaying in France, the French language or just for a chat, cup of tea’s a bit tricky, shame, unless of course you’re in the area.20141029_143605.jpg